Troubleshooting: Unable to forward mail to personal email account at

Root > Mail (SmarterMail)

Some ISPs have strict spam policies and blacklist the sending server for forwarded spam. AOL blacklists servers that forward spam to their servers. This has become a problem, so we no longer all email to be forwarded to accounts.

Top Network does not allow the use of automatic email forwarding to AOL email addresses. This is done due to AOL blocking our servers when it forwards spam email an an AOL account holder marks these messages as SPAM. You will receive 1 warning regarding any email account forwarding to an AOL address. After such warning, we reserve the right to suspend your account or remove all email addresses forwarding to AOL. A third violation will result in your account being removed from our server. To read more on the seriousness of this problem please click here.

You can find further information related to AOL’s anti-SPAM systems at:

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